Entrepreneurs with a strong investment track record

Building on our management team’s strong track record as entrepreneurs,
executives and investors, we launched JAL Ventures Fund I in 2016.

JAL was founded by Joshua and Amiram Levinberg, co-founders of Gilat Satellite
Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: GILT), one of Israel’s earliest technology success stories.
Joshua and Amiram have decades of experience investing in startups and managing
and growing mature technology companies.

In 2016, Tal Shaked, Yair Elbaz, and David Sikorsky joined and JAL evolved into a
fund management company: JAL Ventures.

JAL Ventures’ multi-generational team has continued to grow and covers a well-rounded
and diverse skill and experience set. Around the boardroom or coffee table, we offer the
perspectives of founders, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, management consultants
and investors, all directed to ensuring the success of our portfolio companies.

As a team, we love the idea of success, but we hate the idea of failure even more.
This makes us active investors who devote significant resources in minimizing risk,
and increasing the odds of success of our portfolio companies; a fact reflected in our
high hit rate over the years.