How One Israeli Startup Leaped a Decade into the Future of Cybersecurity.


covidAs more and more offices across the globe close their doors for the foreseeable future and employees are sent home to work remotely, companies everywhere are finding themselves rethinking their network security frameworks. Whereas traditional hardware-based VPNs and on-site firewalls have served us well for the past 20 years, they’re hardly ideal for the rising trend in large-scale remote activity.

That’s where our Portfolio Company, Perimeter 81, comes in, providing secure, scalable cloud-based solutions for an increasingly distributed workforce.

CEO and co-founder Amit Bareket explains: “In order to adapt to today’s cloud-centric and mobile-first world, organizations now need to shift from site-centric security to user-centric security.” Indeed, replacing premise-based VPNs with an easy-to-use cloud-edge solution that’s accessible from anywhere and at anytime, will essentially change the way we consume security.

Perimeter 81’s SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform is, essentially, a secure-network-as-a-service that unifies security and networking via the cloud. The result: A one-stop-shop platform that lets you manage and enforce all of your organization’s security policies, no matter where your offices, data centers, or cloud environments are located. Of course, not having to rely on traditional infrastructure also means cutting the cost of expensive (obsolete) hardware

“We expected the shift to remote work to happen gradually over the next 5 to 10 years,” says Bareket, “but with COVID-19, it happened overnight. Our user-centric SaaS technology has finally nudged network security infrastructure into the 21st century, allowing companies to provide their employees with secure access to organizational resources that enable them to continue working without disruption.”

While we certainly can’t pinpoint a post-pandemic timeframe, we definitely do foresee remote working as a lasting, continuing impact of the current pandemic. We can rest easier knowing tech-solution companies like Perimeter 81 will be ahead of the pack.