• Plagiarism and copyright infringement detection

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  • The future of product management

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  • Advanced financial planning and analysis automated tool

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  • Saas-Based security solution for public and hybrid cloud infrastructure environments

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  • Algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence solutions for online retailers

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  • Insights, analytics & marketing tools for the travel industry

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  • e-commerce platform for high-tech companies employees

  • Zero Trust Workforce access platform

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  • Software defined powertrains for electric vehicle

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  • Online expert advice platform

  • Democratize access to advanced cancer treatment

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  • Innovative digital printing solutions

  • AI based marketing automation platform

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  • Personalized digital experience guidance solution for enterprises

  • Software for insurance brokers

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  • Automated operations platform

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  • Next generation cloud VPN

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  • Cloud-Based web security platform

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  • Proactive Supply Chain Visibility

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  • Biodegradable plastic substitute dissolves in water

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  • Analytics platform for in-app advertising

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  • Direct to shape industrial grade digital decorator

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  • Next-Gen insurance products for new-mobility segments

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  • Multispectral camouflage

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Dome 9

Saas-Based security solution for public and hybrid cloud infrastructure environments

Dome9 built its reputation actively protecting enterprises along their cloud journey. The company’s agentless SaaS solution and cloud-native security capabilities help customers implement secure and compliant multi-cloud deployments across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and have been instrumental in driving adoption of the public cloud. In 2018, Dome9 was acquired by Check Point.

Sector: Cyber Security
Founders: Roy Feintuch, Zohar Alon

Acquired By: Check Point® in 2018


Proactive Supply Chain Visibility

Sensos created the world’s first globally-connected cellular label.
Applying this label on parcels provides shippers with unprecedented end-to-end visibility over any shipment or inventory without needing to install any infrastructure.

With global coverage of over 180 countries, Sensos clients digitize entire supply chains in a matter of weeks, moving from virtual shipment blindness to accurate Location Tracking and 6-dimensional Condition Monitoring of every item in their inventory.

The Sensos Cloud Control Tower interprets this sea of data in real-time, detecting supply chain anomalies the moment they occur and giving logistics managers the tools they need to contain them.

Sector: Logistics Tech
Founders: Aviv Castro CEO, Tal Kanonich COO, Yair Ripshtos CTO

Leal Health

Democratize access to advanced cancer treatment

The AI-powered patient-centric decision-support platform for patients, healthcare providers, pharma, and biotech.

Leal is the largest and fastest growing patient-first, AI-powered decision-making support platform dedicated to expediting access to all available advanced cancer treatment. Working directly with patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, Leal Health provides patients with instant access to precise, advanced cancer treatments and, at the same time, empowers the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to develop patient-centric clinical trials and provide real-time analytics and understanding of patient barriers and motivations.

The Company has been recognized by TIME as one of “The 100 Best Inventions of 2020,” named an honoree in the AI and data category for Fast Company’s “2021 World-Changing Ideas Awards” and recognized by CBInsights as “The Leader in Patient Recruitment & Enrollment” in 2022.

Sector: Digital Health
Founders: Tzvia Bader, Avital Gaziel, Noam Geva, Guy Gildor


Advanced financial planning and analysis automated tool

DataRails’ FP&A software is an advanced financial planning and analysis tool for Excel users who wish to benefit from financial automation. With DataRails, users benefit from an enterprise-grade platform all while continuing to use their original Excels without running the risk of inaccuracy, unnecessary errors, or data loss. The new technology automates data collections for financial and operational data and allows the user to share his insights with his team and management using a real-time web-based dashboard.

Sector: Data Analytics
Founders: Didi Gurfinkel, Eyal Cohen, Oded Har-Tal


Automated operations platform

An Automated operations platform to reduce the time and cost of running Elasticsearch and OpenSearch. Opster’s solution resolves and streamlines operations automatically, prevents downtime and logistic issues, ensures constant high availability, and reduce infrastructure costs dramatically.

Sector: Enterprise software
Founders: Ziv Segal, Yonatan Stern

Acquired By: elastic in 2023


Plagiarism and copyright infringement detection

Copyleaks is a comprehensive anti-plagiarism software that can scan documents, raw text, URLs and connect with APIs. Copyright infringement has become a major issue for publishers, web development companies, SEO agencies and more. Alongside this, Academic plagiarism has also hit high rates as it has never been easier for students to find content online to copy and paste to pass off as their own.

Sector: EdTech
Founders: Alon Yamin, Yehonatan Bitton


Analytics platform for in-app advertising

SOOMLA’s ad quality insights platform helps mobile app developers cash in on the multi-billion dollar in-app advertising market by giving them insight and control into which ads generate revenue and drive user engagement, and which represent a churn risk. SOOMLA was acquired by ironSource, a major AdTech firm for mobile games and apps in 2021.

Sector: Ad Analytics
Founders: Boris Spektor, Gur Dotan, Refael Dakar, Yaniv Nizan

Acquired By: ironSource in 2020


AI based marketing automation platform

Mintigo’s AI-powered customer engagement platform uses predictive analytics to help marketing & sales teams increase revenues, conversion rates, and deal sizes. Mintigo was acquired by New York-listed business performance management company Anaplan Inc., to help accelerate its AI-enabled product vision.

Sector: B2B Marketing
Founders: Ehud Ben-Reuven, Jacob Shama, Tal Segalov

Acquired By: Anaplan, Inc. in 2019


Software defined powertrains for electric vehicle

IRP Systems are developers of innovative electric powertrain solutions for the world’s fast growing e-mobility market. The company’s algorithms and next generation EV powertrain products allow OEMs to increase performance while making electric vehicles more affordable

Sector: Electrical Mobility
Founders: Moran Price, Paul Price


Insights, analytics & marketing tools for the travel industry

Fornova’s travel BI solutions are used by major hotel brands, leading online travel agents, independent hotels and car rental companies, in almost every country, to maximize online bookings, grow revenues and gain an edge in highly competitive marketplaces. The company acquired BI provider HotelsBI in 2019.

Sector: Travel Tech
Founders: Dmitry Babitsky, Michael Rubanovich


Biodegradable plastic substitute dissolves in water

Clean tech company Solutum is targeting one of the world’s most insoluble environmental challenges with a 100% eco-friendly alternative to plastic that dissolves in water. The company’s biodegradable product looks and feels like plastic and offers manufacturers and consumers a cost-efficient and sustainable plastic substitute.

Sector: Clean Tech
Founders: Sharon Barak


Cloud-Based web security platform

Reblaze’s next-gen cybersecurity solution helps enterprises “effortlessly” protect their cloud-native apps and APIs from myriad threats. The company has an international partner network and offices in the U.S., Singapore, and Israel.

Sector: Digital Printing
Founders: Eyal Hayardeny, Philippe Biondi, Tzury Bar Yochay

Acquired By: Link11 in 2024


Next-Gen insurance products for new-mobility segments

VOOM is an insuretech 2.0 pioneer, filling the insurance gap for “new” mobility segments such as drones, e-scooters, light aircraft, and gig-economy drivers. VOOM’s dynamically-priced, usage-based insurance products eschew traditional risk models in favour of new data sources and actual customer behaviour. The company is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 US states and in Canada.

Sector: InsurTech
Founders: Ori Blumenthal, Ronny Ahituv, Tomer Kashi


Algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence solutions for online retailers

Feedvisor’s AI-first solutions empower brands and enterprise sellers to achieve growth within Amazon and Walmart’s ever-changing marketplace environments. Feedvisor’s customers employ its AI-powered pricing & advertising optimization and predictive BI platforms to drive profitability and performance by mastering the complexities of pricing, demand planning, assortment management and replenishment. Feedvisor is an Amazon Advertising Partner and a Walmart Developer.

Sector: AI e-commerce
Founders: Eyal Lanxner, Victor Rosenman

Perimeter 81

Next generation cloud VPN

Perimeter 81’s award-winning Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform simplifies network security for today’s remote, WFH or on-the-move workforces. The company’s easy-to-use cloud-based solution is employed by SMBs, Fortune 500 businesses as well as leading integrators, MSPs and channel resellers.

Sector: Cyber Security
Founders: Amit Bareket, Sagi Gidali

Acquired By: Check Point® in 2023


Direct to shape industrial grade digital decorator

Velox are developers of the world’s only industrial-grade direct-to-shape (DTS) digital printing technology. The company’s uniquely formulated inks and proprietary printing process enables it to take digital printing from the domain of special-editions-only into the mass packaging decoration mega market. By combining a leading-edge, high-value technology with huge market potential, Velox is seen as an industry standout.

Sector: Digital Printing
Founders: Adrian Cofler, Marian Cofler


The future of product management

In the digital age, even non-tech companies need to be software companies. Craft.io’s first-of-its-kind product management software platform makes it easier for world-leading enterprises like Kimberly-Clark, SAP, Danone, Fannie Mae to give their product managers the tools and data they need to build great digital products.

Sector: Enterprise Software
Founders: Elad Simon, Roni Ben-Aharon, Ruvik Barkan


Zero Trust Workforce access platform

Infinipoint is an Identity Access Security company redefining the way workforce access is done.
Infinipoint eliminates account and device takeover attacks by marrying passwordless user and device authentication, with robust device posture checks, in a single-sign-on process. Infinipoint, Passwordless done right with Zero Device Trust.

Sector: Cyber Security
Founders: Ran Lampert


Software for insurance brokers

Novidea’s cloud-based insurance software platform transforms the entire insurance distribution lifecycle, empowering insurance brokers, , carriers, and MGAs with real-time insights and actionable intelligence that increase revenues and operational efficiencies. Novidea has customers in 17 countries, and offices in the UK, US and Israel, and features as a leader in InsurTech100 for 2021.

Sector: InsureTech
Founders: Roi Agababa, Sharon Volk


Multispectral camouflage

Ametrine is a category leader in multispectral camouflage. Ametrine enables modern armies to operate undetected by thermal and night-vision equipment. The company is a leading contractor to the US Department of Defense through its US Subsidiary, Ametrine Inc.

Sector: B2G
Founders: Elad Morag, Uri Kaplan